Thanks for visiting and taking a look at my work as the founder and solo developer of G|FX LABS.
I offer consulting and development services in the following areas:
  •  Intranet/Extranet - Identifying processes, developing applications and content which can be brought online and enable your organization to shape and manage the knowledge you will have in your site by working with you and understanding your business.

    Public web sites as well internal sites for business and organizations gain alot by enabling their internal processes through the web. Web enablement allows organizations to fully leverage all the communications system available in today's world to allow broader communication between your employees and clients/customers. Applications can now seamlessly integrate various databases and deliver that information back to your web browser, Palm PDA, 2-way pager or other similar device. These same devices also allow you to return information back to your database either from your desk or when you're "on the go" .

  •  Web Applications - Building and developing highly functional applications which are as in depth and full featured as traditional"installed" software applications but which are easier to deploy and use and are based on scalable databases.

    Applications can be for internal or public uses like job tracking or managing the following: content, order/procurement, knowledge, events, bookings or maybe the next eBay! Applications can also give the added functionality of being extended to other devices such as pagers and Palm PDAs. Solutions can leverage new or existing databases and can integrate Palm organizers, email, 2-way pagers and many other technologies into applications as well.

  •  Dynamic Sites - Site development whether internal or public has gone far beyond offering static pages. Personalization, order/status tracking, automated publishing, "on the fly" graphics, automated email and many others are just an an example of the small "mini-applications" which are now needed to provide an engaging experience. Assistance can be offered in enhancing or developing new applications which can provide more of a community to your visitors.

Content management, database applications specific to your organization, job tracking, information management and many other types of applications are needed more every day in organizations. Costs, investment in a current legacy system and new training would traditionally prohibit an organization from implementing a new application. All those obstacles are removed when you move to a web enabled system, since the costs are lower, training is minimal (if any) and robust technologies are available to let you capitalize on your current system.

Whether you already have a clear definition of the application your organization requires or need help in seeing how a current off line process can be automated and brought online, whether it's a content publishing system, online store, business reporting application, self-service solution, or something completely revolutionary, I can design, build and deploy the solution you need - faster and at a lower cost than you’d ever imagine.

In addition to my several years of experience as a web developer working with many varied technologies, I have garnered experience in application design, network infrastructure, user interface, navigation and information organization. I’ve found these skills necessary when creating effective applications and sites, which will fully accomplish the end users goal of reaching the information they’ll need.

I’ve continually tried to build sites based on the concept that interfaces must be simple for the tech savvy and not so tech savvy alike. This concept of "keeping it simple" is important to me through out all the pieces of a site from its programming code to its graphics to the technology the site runs on. I feel it's a needed approach that's more personal and user oriented and ultimately beneficial to my clients.

I pride myself on many of my technical as well as non-technical skills as well which allow me to always keep focus on the issue, maintain a perspective on the practicality of a function being designed, and truly be able to design a system that is tailored to my client's organization. I enjoy learning the mission each of my client's has with their own organization and giving them the best solution to achieve their goals.

The sites presented in my Showcase represent work from the last few years.
More recently though, I've worked on:
  •  Creating a robust job/client tracking solution for a leading IT consultancy
  •  Developing corporate sites for McGraw-Hill and Farmers Insurance
  •  Creating an intranet site with integrated web applications for a large international grant-giving foundation.
Each project is special with its own unique challenges, I invite you to take a look at my showcase page and see examples of some of my past work.

In many of my projects (both freelance and under full-time employment), I've served as the lead or solo developer producing design as well as custom programming. Development work for web applications is exclusively done with Macromedia's ColdFusion Server technology. ColdFusion's ease of use, scalability and cost allow me to bring my clients the best balance of value and price.

I hope you’ve liked what you’ve seen and that we’ll have the pleasure of working together in the near future. If you would like to contact me or further discuss building you next enterprise web application, I can easily be reached by email at or send me a quick web message by clicking here, for more contact information please see my contact info page.

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